Bunch Family Inc. launched Rec Room to help brands serve the needs of creative young families (and also because our clients asked us to). Here’s how it happened:

Bunch Family Inc:

In 2006 there were no mommy bloggers, no high-end kids stores and celebrity baby culture was barely in its infancy. There was just Bunch founder Rebecca Brown and her first baby, kicking around Toronto with other new parents, looking for creative, kid-friendly things to do.

There weren’t any. So she created her own wildly fun family events and built a national community for cool parents and their kids: Bunch Family.

Rec Room Agency:

As Bunch grew in reputation, some great brands asked us to help them reach kids & families and win big love. Our first consulting clients included Yahoo!, Starbucks and Mexx Kids. Not bad, right?.

Our client roster grew  and to serve our clients better we needed to grow, too. So in 2011, Bunch Consulting became Rec Room Agency; 100% dedicated to kids & family and created to fill the need for excellent kids & family insight, strategy and execution.

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Families are at the heart of most significant modern trends (think about the green movement, foodie-ism, edutainment and gaming).





  • Business review and strategy development for family verticals
  • Strategic plans & tactics for family verticals
  • Insight generation (qualitative research)
  • Kids & family trendspotting
  • Social Family thought leadership/perspectives