Which of Toronto’s neighbourhood parks is the finest? We recommend trying them all.

This article was originally published in The Grid.

At a dinner party recently, a few of the guests broke into a heated debate over who had the best playground in their ’hood, comparing amenities like splash pads, communal toys, bordering convenience-store stock, and overall neighbourly “feel.”

Despite Deputy Mayor  Doug Holyday’s pronouncement that the city is no place to raise kids, downtown parks are getting tons of use this summer. While our backyards may be postage-stamp sized (or nonexistent), Toronto’s urban green spaces keep getting better and better. Pizza ovens at Dufferin Grove make ordering in a thing of the past, Monarch Park’s new-and-improved pool slide is just begging for a try, and now you can rent a croquet set at the Trinity Tuck Shop (198 Walnut Ave.) and join the legions of leisure lovers at Trinity Bellwoods.

Why not take advantage of your friends’ park fidelity and organize a family day-long crawl of everyone’s favourite? Plan an activity at each destination, and end the day with a celebratory picnic—because it’s a shame to stick to just one park when there are so many great ones to choose from.