Grow awareness of Gap Kids brand identity as distinct from The Gap.



Global: kindie music, a growing trend in the family music space.

Local: Bunch members who were already Gap Kids shoppers shared that GK offered unique and cool clothes. Other parents had made an assumption that Gap Kids clothes were ‘conventional’ or ‘generic’.



• In-store kindie concerts in lead markets.
• Create kindie ”merch”
• Now an annual event

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AGO/Weston Family Learning Centre


Initiate a series of unique activities highly targeted at key creative families. Kick start awareness with a Family Day PR event (AGO becomes KGO)

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Luminato Festival



Creation of annual designated family event on Luminato opening weekend. Dedicated Communication of which events are for families Ex: They Might Be Giants Concert, Family Dance Party in Yonge Dundas Square, weekend activations around Cirque de Soleil events.

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Caring Kids - Dare to Draw

CARING KIDS – Dare to Draw


In response to this need we created ‘Caring Kids,’ a turn-key fundraising solution that provides socially responsible organizations with a tool to give families an age-appropriate, easy and entertaining way to get involved with their cause.

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