Grow Luminato attendance by families overall – and to multiple events



Global: Luminato wasn’t reaching creative families, who were most likely to attend.

Local: Member polling revealed that families were unclear on whether Luminato programming was ‘for them’. They wanted to see designated family events.



Creation of annual designated family event on Luminato opening weekend. Dedicated Communication of which events are for families Ex: They Might Be Giants Concert, Family Dance Party in Yonge Dundas Square, weekend activations around Cirque de Soleil events.

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AGO/Weston Family Learning Centre


Initiate a series of unique activities highly targeted at key creative families. Kick start awareness with a Family Day PR event (AGO becomes KGO)

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Gap Kids



• In-store kindie concerts in lead markets.
• Create kindie ”merch”
• Now an annual event

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Caring Kids - Dare to Draw

CARING KIDS – Dare to Draw


In response to this need we created ‘Caring Kids,’ a turn-key fundraising solution that provides socially responsible organizations with a tool to give families an age-appropriate, easy and entertaining way to get involved with their cause.

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